Style of the Week: Faux Locs

My natural hair causes me to be perpetually late for work, events and life in general. Every once in a while, I demand a protective style so I can catch 10-20 extra minutes of sleep in the morning. This time, I tried faux locs, which interestingly enough got a lot of buzz this week from Zendaya's red carpet appearance and response to ignorant comments made by an E! host. A friend of mine from college side hustles as a braider (hit her up if you're in the DMV, NY or CT) and so I asked her if she could hook me up. I had contemplated doing the style myself, but we have to remain true to ourselves — I am a lazy natural. If you're a DIY natural with time to spare, I encourage you to try!

It took her 2.5 hours to braid the hair and then approximately 16 hours to wrap the braids with Marley hair to achieve the loc look. This style is a lot for one person to do so if you can get help, I recommend it for your sanity. The Locs came out beautiful but I have to be honest, they were killing my s1calp. I'm not sure if they were too heavy or pinching my scalp but I felt that I could not move and I didn't sleep well for a few days. Ultimately, to my dismay, I had to unravel them. 

I know the old adage goes "beauty is pain" but we have to remember that pain is a signifier of something going wrong or about to go wrong. I honestly wanted to try to brave through the pain until my hair grew out a bit and gave me some relief but then I started to worry about damaging my follicles. I unraveled and received instant relief! 

I want to try the style again in a few months, maybe with smaller locs or through a different wrapping method. If anyone has suggestions, leave them below!