Salon Review: The Stacey Ciceron Studio

**Update: Natashia has moved to her own salon which can be found here. The Stacey Circeron Studio is now Studio 91

Figuring out which salons know how to manage, care for, and style natural hair is not easy at all. Often, if a salon isn't brazenly advertising their specialty in natural hair, you don't really know except through hearsay.  I found The Stacey Ciceron Studio through Shea Moisture's instagram. They had been doing a shoot with a Shea Moisture model and when I saw that this salon was in 20 minutes away from me, I lifted my hands in praise to the hair goddesses 🙌. The Stacy Cicerone Studio is located in Baldwin, NY. I've been searching for a dedicated natural hair salon in Queens/Long Island for as long as I've been natural. It's near impossible to search "natural hair salon" on Yelp because natural hair can mean anything, from natural hair color, braiders, etc. Salon owners, get your tag game up! This salon was easy to drive to and I got a parking spot right out front. You can also reach it by LIRR or MTA bus.  I was only a few minutes late to my appointment, but be advised that if you're 30 minutes late, you will get your appointment rescheduled. I was greeted by Ashley (@MzFashionKulture), who handed me a brief questionnaire about my hair (Previously relaxed? Porosity, length, etc.) and then Natashia (@NatashiaJere), the senior stylist went to work.

I had just took my hair out of my box braids and so it hadn't been detangled in a few weeks. To my pleasant surprise, she didn't try to detangle my hair before washing it in the bowl. I'm quite tender-headed and that step always annoys me. The Studio seems to use the everyday natural hair salon products rather than those special for-salon products that us normal people can't find anywhere. For my hair, she used a combination of Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) products and Jane Carter. The JBCO line is my absolute favorite right now so I was so excited.

She started off by washing my hair with the JBCO shampoo, which contains a little apple cider vinegar (ACV) to gently lift the dirt of the hair. I hadn't tried the shampoo before then but it was an aromatherapeutic experience. Next, she conditioned with Jane Carter's Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner and sat me down in her station to detangle. I was impressed because 1) I've never seen a stylist finger-detangle while also using the wide tooth comb and 2) it was virtually painless and took her about 15-20 minutes to do. She then rinsed out my hair and put JBCO leave-in, sealed with some oil. I wanted to get a flexirod set, to stretch my hair a bit and give it some bounce. Natashia recommended that I also do a two strand twist to give it a little more definition and make it last longer. She used Nairobi Wrapp-It Shine Foaming Lotion to set the hair, twisted each section and added grey flexirods all around. I sat under the dryer for two, tortuous hours (ahh!) because both the style and my hair take a very long time to dry.

After taking my hair off the rods, she suggested I leave the twists in for a day to let the style set. I wasn't really comfortable with wearing these coily twists outside and told her I was going to put a hat on. Natashia wasn't having that and hooked me up with a gorgeous updo until I was ready to take my hair down. I've never worn my hair like this before but I loved it. I instantly went from "pass me my beanie hat" hair to "let's take a selfie!" hair. The Salon has a designated "selfie wall" where all the happy client photoshoots take place. The staff definitely has fun in there but still get business done, and done right. As I was in the salon, I noticed the instagram kept updating in real time (there's a photo of me in the back ground with slight bantu knots if you know where to look).

The service (wash, detangle, style) all came up to $65. If you go to visit, tell them Alicia sent you and you can get a first time welcome discount. Plus, they have a rewards program to build points and save money on future visits!