Style of the Week: Updo with Flexirod Twists

On Saturday I tried a new natural hair salon in Long Island (review coming soon). The intended style was a flexirod set but my stylist suggested I also do a two strand twist to add definition. After I was done sitting under the dryer, my stylist recommended leaving this twisted style in for a day to let the hair dry fully. I wasn't so comfortable with the springy twists and told her I'll probably wear a hat until I was read to take them out. She hit me the "not in my house" and crafted this beautiful transition style.

This is such a cute updo! It's a brand new style to me and I thought it was elegant, professional and easy to wear to work. I kept the style in for about two days, but I was sincerely considering keeping it in for the whole week. I might find myself doing more twist styles like this, but on purpose.