When Your Tutorial Fail Turns Out to be a Win

Last Saturday, I attended my mom’s high school reunion in Florida. She went to a little, cushy school in Kingston, Jamaica and hasn’t seen anyone from her class since she graduated! There were around 20 people from her graduating class in attendance and we met her headmaster, who is now 80 years old. The reggae, dancehall and smooth American jams made for a good time. However, prior to this event, I had the typical hair dilemma: how would I style my hair for the occasion?  I knew four things the day of that event regarding my hair:

  • My wash and go the day before was rushed and didn’t look good.
  • Florida is humid and my hair frizzed the moment I got off the plane
  • I can’t go to this event with a crazy wash and go or my mom will lock me up
  • The only product I had was gel and I was equipped with a spray bottle, brush and 5 bobby pins

Thinking of these four things all day made me worried that I would look crazy at the event. I thought the odds were against me and the curl gods frowned upon my lack of preparation. So I went to my trusted friend – the Internet. I googled “formal natural hairstyles .”  Come to find out a lot of the styles needed the hair to be blown out or put on rollers of some sort. I had no time for that, and after searching several variations of the above keywords, I came across a side swept style tutorial. Yes! This is it and I can MacGyver my bobby pins to achieve this.

Somewhere between the tutorial and my hands, some instructions got lost in translation. My side sweep was going in every direction and I didn’t like it. Crunched for time, I put the hair that was out into a giant twist and pinned it back. I loved it!  A lot of my favorite styles are the result of tutorial “fails” and this time was no different!



I’m so happy that something worked out with my hair and I am going to try the style again.  If it works out I will make a tutorial of it and share.