ICYMI: The Natashia Jeré Hair Show Recap

Last week, hairstylist Natashia Jeré held an elegant hair show out in Long Island, New York. Based in Long Island herself, Jeré has attained a large following and client base. As a stylist for SheaMoisture NYC as well, she’s made a name for herself as a “healthy hair specialist” and puts heavy emphasis on creating trendsetting styles for all her clients.

This sold out red carpet affair started with several tables decked out with different bags full of goodies and products. These included Shea Moisture products and paraphernalia from the other sponsors that helped make the night possible. Natashia sat on stage decked out in a beautiful dress while brushing her hair, as our host welcomed all the guests and got the evening started.

natashia jere.PNG

Following this, there was a quick Q&A where the audience asked questions or expressed how Natashia has made a difference in their life. Soon after, there was a raffle for a basket full of Shea Moisture products. Poets Jerome Hall and Kyra Denise from Renowned Art Worldwide (#RAWW) performed a poem together. Natashia's sister Sierra then shared a few words about her.She expressed how hair was a passion of Natashia’s from a very young age; giving us a look into the mind of Natashia from past to present.

Next, former American Idol contestant Jermaine Jacobs performed of one of Ed Sheeran's most popular songs. Afterward, there was the hair show. Natashia and her girls were all modeled in different hairstyles. The hair show was full of dancing, coordinated choreography, and catchy music, as Natashia slayed their hairstyles in mere minutes. After the hair show, audience members partook in a dinner that appealed to everyone. While guests ate, Natashia's mentor, Stacey Ciceron, spoke about Natashia's rise to her current status, how they first met, and her continued growth.

Finally, Natashia addressed her crowd. She thanked us all for our attendance, our love, and our dedication. She mentioned how hard and long she worked on the event to guarantee its success. Natashia then announced the launch of her new line of hair extensions that she will be releasing soon, much to the shock and glee of her family and friends in attendance. The night closed out with singing, dancing and celebrating Natashia's birthday that had had been two days earlier. After the closing remarks, I was able to sit down with her for an interview:

Cubicles & Curls: What is your life philosophy? What is your work philosophy?

Natashia Jeré: I just put God first as well as my family and then live my life as right as I can. At work, I always make sure to put my guests first. I take into consideration their jobs, their families and listen to their concerns. They all count and they all matter for me to do the best job I can.

C&C: Tell me more about your new hair line and why you feel your new brand is unique compared to others.

NJ: My hair is unique because not only is it good quality, but it's also affordable. I really don't think it's fair to pay so much for something that is supposed to be temporary. That doesn't make any sense to me.

C&C: Tell us more about your work as a stylist with Shea Moisture?

NJ: Shea Moisture? Oh gosh. A lot of expos. A whole lot of expos. I did Essence Festival, Circle of Sisters and a bunch of other things on their team. I got connected with them through Stacy. She got [to] networking for me and I applied and got the job!

C&C: The natural movement has gained a lot of traction in the last few years and is now breaking into the professional arena. What do you think is the greatest challenge to making natural hair accepted across the board and how do you think we can overcome the negative perceptions?

NJ: Well it's definitely not what it used to be. To me, it's not about being natural. It's about what's best for them, my customers. The integrity of the hair is very important to me. I feel like we focus too much on the wrong thing today. Whether it's natural or relaxed doesn't matter. It's what's best for them because you could go natural and find that it doesn't work for your lifestyle or you simply don't have time. I think women should focus on what works for them and embrace that.

C&C: What is some advice you would give to young women today?

NJ: Your hair should represent you. I always tell my customers: your hair is my resume. Your hair is a reflection of you and I'm a reflection of your hair. You shouldn't feel like you have to do your hair a certain way. Your hair is gonna change with time just as life does. Your hair is and should be a movement. I've had everything from natural to relaxed to braids to bald to color because I go through different phases as my life changes. I choose to represent myself as I am at that time.

C&C: Who is your hair inspiration?

NJ: Aw man, it's hard to say but I like Kim Kimble. My creative mind is just like hers. I don't know about her personality. (laughs) Her sister is so grounded and so is mine. Her creative mind is all over the place and so is mine. Me and my sister watch her show and we're always like “wow that's us.” I'm the creative one and my sister is the more logical and practical one. I just have all these ideas and this energy and I want to do it now, now, now. And my sister is like okay how can we achieve this? What's the plan? We make a really good team.

The hair-show-turned-launch-party, was a success. The hairstyles were eye-catching and the prices of her new hair line had all eyes and ears and my mouth agape, as she dropped the gem that her extensions would be more affordable but will still match the quality of the industry standard for virgin human hair. Cubicles & Curls highly recommends attending Natashia Jeré’s future events, as well as paying her a visit at The Stacey Ciceron Studio in Baldwin, NY “where healthy hair is always in style”. For updates check out Natashia’s website and various social media pages.

Chell is a recent graduate from Brown University and a contributor for Blavity.com. She likes social justice, beauty, music, media and all things entertainment. For Chell, good hair is healthy hair. When life hands her a mess, she just applies conditioner. She can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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