5 Must-Have Apps for Naturalistas

We're in a digital age where we can use an app for everything from booking a car on Uber to paying credit card bills, all from your smartphone.

To have your hair needs at the touch of your finger tips as well, we've rounded up the 5 must-have apps to help you create hair goals, book appointments, get hair tips, inspiration, and more.

 1. Hair Journal

This app solves the tedious mission of tracking your haircare progress/growth, in a fun and easy way. The app allows for you to create your own personal hair profile that identifies everything from your current hair type to your desired hair length goal (i.e. bra strap or mid-back length), and date expected to reach this goal. It allows for numerous profiles to be created – good for hairstylists wanting to track their clients’ hair health. Users can also watch useful haircare tips from naturalista YouTubers directly from the app.

2. VeePeeJay

Useful for those sometimes overlooked 4b/4c naturals, popular YouTuber VeePeeJay has made her tips even more accessible with this app. It’s her blog and vlog mixed into one that include quality pictures of products, techniques, and styles. No matter how you like to receive your hair tips and tricks, you’re covered. She even shows love to other beauty and hair mavens by including a section for similar apps with populars such as MissyLynn and Elleiconlee.

3. Carol’s Daughter

Carol’s Daugther’s fans everywhere will flock to this app. There’s everything from quizzes, to videos, rewards, and the ability to check-in to Carol’s Daughter retailers to access special savings. Users also have access to purchase Carol’s Daughter products directly on the app.

4. Black City

This will be your one-stop-shop to finding urban hair professionals. All you need to do is enter in the zip code of the location or have it connect to your Google maps to find listings of black barbers, salons, natural hair stylists, or braiding professionals.

5. StyleSeat

With more of an expansive hair stylist selection, StyleSeat will not only find nearby hair professionals but features amazing hair photos, reviews of the salons and stylists, and allows for you to find deals at local spots. As they say you can “search, book & pay” for your next visit at the quick touch of your fingertips. 

Have a favorite hair app you want to recommend? Tell us in the comments below!