Can I Wear my Natural Hair to the Interview?

There’s sometimes this big misconception that in order to be “interview appropriate” and considered "professional", you have to walk in with your hair bone straight and your edges laid. While there's nothing wrong with coming into an interview with a fresh blow out, it’s good to know that there are other options that will allow you to be true to your style and appear work appropriate. When styling your natural hair for interviews, the key is to allow your future workplace to envision what natural hair can look like in a professional setting. This can be their peek into your potential day-to-day work hairstyles, as well as your peek into how you and your hair fit into the company culture. 

I personally like to go with a simple low parted bun or a pushed straight back bun. I do my standard “wash day” routine, allow it to air dry (you could do rollers under the dryer to speed the process and allow for a smoothness to the style), and then put it into a standard, neat bun. To achieve the standard bun, take your hair and pull it through a hair tie as tight as you want. Then, you can twist the hair around itself to create a nice rounded bun shape, wrap the ends using the hair tie to hold the bun in place and pin your ends inward. A bun is my natural go-to in general so it works best for me and is essentially one of the easiest protective styles to do. It’s most likely how I would be coming to work a majority of the time anyhow and it allows for a sleekness. More on target, it doesn’t distract while actually partaking in the interview.

Beyond a simple bun, you can spice it up a little with a more intricate twisted back look. For the look below, part the front of your hair into two sides. Begin to flat twist, twist it to the end on both sides, then pin it in along your hairline and to the back to frame your face. You can then wear a normal bun or create a faux-bun look from your twists. For this option, pull your hair through a hair tie, then make 5-10 individual twists (depending on how big you want your twists/bun to be) and pin these individual twists into a bun shape. Voila! Magic textured bun and neat hair. 

Another look to try would be a French twist pushed back into a bun. Here you can create two twists. Then, just part your hair to your preference to create a nice part for a finished result. Cross the two twists that you created in the back and pin to the opposite side. Pins become your best friend as you can see when trying to be playful yet professional.

Bun looks aren’t the only option; you can try a pulled back twist out or wash-and-go style. For this style, create a twist from ear to ear or side part the front of your hair and make two flat twists all the way down, framing your face. Bring ends of the twist to the crown of your head, to keep hair out of your face. Pin and tame to your pleasure.

When you’re going in for an interview you are presenting yourself and of course professionally. As Natashia Jeré said in our previous article, your hair is your resume. So while it is important to keep professionalism in mind, know that you should never feel obliged to wear your hair in any style that gets you completely out of your haircare regime or comfort zone.