Heat-free Curls : Easy Braid Out

One day my friend, Arielle, walked in with the most amazing, loose, soft curls and they were EVERYTHING – per usual for her. Instantly, eyes ogling, I asked, “how did you do that?”. This was my first summer of being officially natural so I was still figuring out all the basics and when I asked her how she got those envious curls her response took me aback – it was a braid out.

I had imagined some form of heat had touched her hair (i.e a curling wand) but nope, it was a braid out. A simple, "done with only four big braids", braid out. Ever since then, that has been one of my go-to styles for my curls.

It’s one of the easiest styles to do, and when done right, leaves your hair looking full and fabulous.

What you’ll need: 

  • Four no-slip grip hair ties
  •  A moisturizing leave-in conditioner or a curl forming custard, pomade, or cream
  • Oil to seal in moisture

Step 1

After you’ve properly pre-pooed, washed, conditioned, deep conditioned, and detangled, so your hair is cleansed and properly moisturized for the best results.

Step 2

Instead of using a towel to dry your hair, swap it out for a cotton T-shirt to absorb the water from your hair without leaving it frizzy. Make sure your hair is not soaking/dripping wet but still damp from roots to ends, this will allow for more hold for the product, resulting in fuller, more defined, and elongated results.  I say damp not soaking wet to avoid the long dry time.

Step 3

Sectioned hair

Sectioned hair

For manageability and the even distribution of the product, put your hair into four sections, if it hasn’t already been in these sections. There should be a section on the top right, top left, bottom right, and bottom left. Make sure to either put your leave-in in or use a twist defining cream, pomade, or custard. Apply the products from the roots to the ends of each section. Then apply your desired oil to each section from roots to ends as well.

Step 4

Braid each section and allow time to air dry. For faster results, you can go under a hooded dryer.

Step 5

When dry, take out each braided section, shake your head and massage scalp to break up the sections and curls and viola! Easy, heat-free, voluptuous curls.

Dry time cut shorter, resulting in less definition but more volume.

Like everything, the more you do it, the quicker and easier it becomes. Enjoy these 5 steps to easy and healthy curls.

Any braid out tips? Leave suggestions at the bottom.