Deep Condition & Chill: A Beginner's Guide for Shea-Butter Shot Shooting

It's June 20-something 2015 and the summer is in full swing. We are just past 6:35 p.m. and the Henny is still flowing at its highest potency. This is the perfect setting for a summer time shoot-out. I have been here before but not as well equipped. It's like a playground for me as a sea of curls bounce and glisten in the sunlight of dusk. I spotted a beautiful girl with what looked to me like a fresh twistout, no older than a day or so. I knew that “What’s your instagram?” was not about to work for these type of women but, late to the party and too deep into my cup, that is what I went with. On this date, a brutal lesson was learned and an awareness appreciation was developed for the natural haired woman.

So now it’s 2016 and you realize a significant glow among the melanated goddesses. You ask yourself what could be going on and wonder how you can become a stakeholder in the biggest Glo-Up since the maxi-dress. Brothers! I have been blessed with this platform to give you four tips for successful Shea-Butter Shooting.

Be Woke

This is not an easy task to undertake but the major key for tracking and effectively pursuing these women is knowledge of their natural hair struggles. I was not talking about Nelson Mandela woke but rather "Coconut Oil woke". Women with natural hair undergo hours of preparation for specific styles and days of research on taming their glorious manes. Knowledge of these styles are a great opening remark to the young lady who is fresh out of blue flexi-rods and had to go with red.

Watch for the Sleepers

Many times I have heard brothers’ issue disparaging remarks about women with weaves. In my own growing interest, I have found that the young lady with the slightly rough weave can be the owner of luxurious bra-strap length hair that she is trying to protect from damaging conditions. Don't jump to conclusions and again, stay woke about the struggle.


A great deal of a woman’s natural hair journey is guess and check. Internalize that there's still a lot of learning being done by every woman as they learn their curl patterns and what styles suit them. As she tries out new styles she saw on Instagram., bear with her and be supportive.


Currently men’s grooming has spiked as a market in cosmetics and with your new found interest you can use any trip to Target to meet your own Solange or Tracee Ellis Ross. Natural hair products often used for women’s hair have shown to be highly effective for grooming men's facial hair. At the end of the day you will have to get yourself involved. Massage a scalp every once in a while or create an environment where you both can be comfortable while she puts in her Celie braids.

Natural hair is a large journey for our women and if you can be the type of brother to support this,1 you will find yourself in the presence of a modern-day god and possibly a feature on @FrosandBeaus.  All theories are still being field-tested. Proceed with caution and be careful when in contact with BGM

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