Spring is in the Hair! 6 Steps to Clean Out Your Product Stash

It's springtime! And with spring, comes spring cleaning! Here are some tips to declutter your hair stash: 

1. Take inventory of every product and tool you have. Now, think of the last time you used that product. Why did you stop using it? Does it work for you? Is the product still good (check if consistency or smell has changed)? Does that tool still function? How good has it to your hair?

2.  Separate your stash into "Keep", "Might Keep", and "Gotta Go" piles. Anything that doesn't work for your hair anymore, must go. Is your flat iron collecting dust? Consider giving it to someone who would put it to better use. Things you haven't tried yet should go into the "might keep" pile while your weekly/monthly staples must stay.

3. Check for duplicates. Do you have too many products that do the same thing? How many different leave-ins and curl soufflés do you need? In the spirit of March Madness or Hunger Games, have some fun and make a little bracket for your duplicate products. There can only be one! (Fine, maybe two!)

Source: Adam Ellis / Buzzfeed

Source: Adam Ellis / Buzzfeed

4. Simplify your routine. You don't need to be putting on six different layers of product each will. Evaluate if you may be packing on too many products at a time, which might cause build-up or prevent your products from working to their full potential. At best, you should only need a leave in, sealant, and styler. Ditch the fifty-leven products in your routine. 

5. Get rid of the products that didn't make the cut. Toss them, give them away to a friend, or host a product swap with your fellow naturals. 

6. Try before you buy. Before you buy a new product, see if you can find a free sample, purchase a travel size, or ask a friend if you can try something in their stash. This will keep your product collection minimal and make it easier to find exactly what you need on wash day. 

Send us your before and after stash photos!