Black Friday 2018 Haul

Was it just me, or were the Black Friday sales particularly juicy this year? That can be a problem as the temptation to spend is high! Always prepared, I went into this Black Friday with a plan. For the most part, I stuck to it. The few extra things I picked up were on my list for a while and the deals made it worth it.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer & Styler 

I’ve been virtually heat-free for years. I only straighten my hair at the salon for trims or once in a blue moon if I want a really stretched style. Why? Honestly because it’s too hard to manage a dryer and a brush with all this hair. I’m hoping the Revlon one step hair dryer will be a good tool to get my hair stretched quickly before twistouts. I bought this with an Ulta gift card after seeing Naptural85's review video.

Original Price: $39.99 ; Sale Price: $19.99

Revair Reverse Air Dryer Bundle Pack

Why did I buy two dryers? Because this one seemed really, really cool and innovative. This dryer seemingly exploded on my timeline a few weeks ago and honestly the results seem astonishing. The drying time seems quick and it seems less labor intensive than a brush dryer. I jumped on this unexpected sale because, honestly, this dryer is expensive as hell and I know that price isn’t coming back down any time soon. However, from the videos I’ve seen, this thing is huge so my Revlon dryer will be useful when on the go. 

Original Price: $462 ; Sale Price: $299 

Puff Cuff Family Pack

I'm very much an I want it all at once kind of person. I've had my eye on the puff cuff for a while but I knew that I wanted multiple and different sizes for different styles. Luckily, the family pack was 40% off this Black Friday. Good things come to those who wait. 

Original price: $49.99 ; Sale Price: $29.99

Felicia Leatherwood Brush with the Best detangler brush  

This wasn't on my Black Friday list but I've been wanting this brush for a while. I saw it was on sale and I went for it. I'm hoping it's great! 

Original Price: $14 ; Sale Price: $10

Pop! Curl Color Gel - Bronze Beauty

This is probably the thing I'm most excited for besides the Revair. I have experimented with a few temporary hair colors but I feel that many aren't conducive to curly hair. Either they we're temporary sprays that frizzed my twistout and didn't go on even or they were hair chalks that didn't really show up on my hair. This gel fits seemlessly into the curly styling process. Just use it the same way as any other gel and you instantly see the color show up. I brought the Bronze Beauty which should make me a Blonde Babe without any of the color damage risk.

Original Price: $17.50 ; Sale price: $12.50

Entitled Work Black Dress

This was another piece that wasn't on my list but I thought the deal was good and I had extra cash to spare. This is a black owned designer who makes professional dresses that would that make you feel like Jessica Pearson from Suits. Work place baddie coming through!

Original Price: $51 ; Sale Price: $35 

I was very methodical in my purchases this year and tried to stick to items that have been on my radar for a while. I'm looking forward to trying them all and showing you me first impressions in the next few weeks!