Cubicles & Curls 2017 Natural Hair Faves

The natural hair business is BOOMING and there are so many products on the market. Me from 2008 is getting emotional in the "ethnic hair" section in CVS at all the great future hair options to come. However, while there are so many quality products on the market, only a few have the honor of being my faves. I picked my favorites based on which products made me go "wow!" or made my life easier in some way. I hope that this list helps you in your product search and saves you some time in your natural hair journey!

This post contains some affiliate links, which may result in commission. However, nothing included in this post is sponsored and opinions are my own. 

FORM Beauty

I learned about this product at their launch party in July. They branded themselves as a new textured hair line made from "our voices" and touting that it was made for all hair types. I was skeptical. How could such a small selection cater to all the different types of hair and needs? I gave my free samples a try and was immediately hooked. I felt that my wash day with FORM Beauty products instantly solved every challenge I've had with products in the past. The Cleanse shampoo works well without being drying, making my hair stiff, or making detangling more difficult. The Hydrate conditioner actually kept my hair soft and moisturized even after being rinsed out. The Multitask Leave-in didn't evaporate from my hair after an hour and didn't require the LOC method to hold in moisture. Each styler was made for they type of hair style you wanted to wear, rather than hair type.

It's rare that a brand gets everything right from the launch. After becoming an ambassador and talking to people with type 1 to 4c hair, colored, or relaxed hair who have used the product, it appears that they actually succeeded in making a line that works for all hair types but puts curly and kinky hair needs above all else. I've become loyal to every product in this line and the amount of product has been well worth the price.  This is definitely my number 1 game changer of the year and I highly recommend. If you're interested in trying, you can use code 'cubiclesandcurls' for 10% off your purchase. 



I've been eyeing the Q Redew steamer for a while and finally received it for Christmas last year. As someone who sometimes wears wash and gos and often pineapples her hair, I often run into the challenge of maintaining the style until the next wash day. Q-Redew upgraded me for real because rather than using the steam in the shower to let my hair fall while praying it didn't frizz, I was able to apply a controlled burst in just the right amount that refreshed my style in minutes. Additionally, the Q-Redew is good at remoisturizing hair since the steam allows the cuticles of the strand to lift and accept moisture between washes. Lastly, the design of this product has allowed me to be able to detangle my hair gently and without much issues, cutting my detangle time in half. 



I don't remember how I came across this brand but I wish I started it first! TresseNoire allows you to get your hair or makeup done by a professional without leaving your home. For us working curls, not having to commute or spend hours in a salon allows us to savor precious hours that can be used for other responsibilities. They offer a range of natural hair style options such as braids, twistout, and sew-ins, as well as makeup application. I've found them to be very professional and skilled and their pricing is on par with other natural studios. They are currently located in all 5 New York boroughs, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles with more cities being added all the time. Check out the review I wrote about them earlier this year. 

Camille Rose Naturals Curlaide Moisture Butter

I bought the Curlaide on a product junkie spree at the end of last year when I was desperate to find something to keep my hair from drying out in the winter. I haven't used it much since I've finally settled into a permanent regimen but I can say that this product gave me one of the most defined, moisturized and long lasting twistouts I've ever had. I chose this product because it doubled as a moisturizer and styler and I wasn't into doing the LOC method to maintain moisture. This product was all three steps of the LOC method rolled into one. I def recommend for hair that needs a soft but long lasting hold and can use extra moisture in the winter. 



I purchased my Poofit when the founder was still fundraising on Kickstarter. I saw the videos and knew this was exactly what I've been waiting for. As someone who 1) has a ton of hair, 2) likes to get creative with her hair, and 3) gets tension headaches, this was the perfect tool. The Poofit is a satin lined hair tie that allows the user to tie it and place it wherever and however they want. When I wear my hair in puffs or buns, I don't have to attempt to fit all my hair into a tiny scrunchy or worry that wrapping the scrunchy twice will be too loose but three times will be too tight.  I've also been able to get creative with protective styles and creative buns. What makes the Poofit so great is that it allows for versatile styling without any tightness and maximum control of where the poofit is placed. 



I thought that the Denman was natural hair 101 but I was surprised to learn recently that there are still many naturals who haven't yet unlocked it's magical powers. I'm not sure which brave soul first discovered that the Denman was good for curls, but God bless her. In particular, I'm talking about the Denman Classic Styling Brush. This brush is able to detangle curly hair without ripping hair and while it's detangling, it's clumping your curls together for an ultra defined look. 



Finally, we have Curlformers. This product has been saving me from curl uncertainty for years. Perm rods, flexi rods, and even twistouts/Bantu knots can be a gamble. I never know if I did it right until after the big reveal when it's too late to fix. Curlformers, however, have almost no user error possibilities and I get the perfect curl every time. Even better than that, the curl is smooth and shiny for a light blow out effect. Sometimes, I comb out my Curlformers instead of blowing out my hair for braids and other stretched hairstyles. I've used Curlformers when I can't risk my hair style not coming out right and it's worked every time.  They come in three different lengths and three different sizes and they dry pretty quickly, especially under a dryer. 


These are my go to products that have helped me level up to a natural hair boss. Let me know if you have tried any or what's one of your faves in the comments below!