Product Review: Curls Caviar & Cashmere Collection


Luxury, opulence, grandeur. The feeling you get when you order a ride pool, no one joins your ride, and the car is nice with heated seats and complimentary Essentia. The smell of an aromatherapy massage at the city's best spa that you got for half off on Groupon. Catching a flight glitch to Greece and snapping the perfect IG pic in an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Luxurious, darling. Luxurious.

Curls Caviar and Cashmere Collection captures all those feelings of luxury and balling out with a reasonable price tag. Items range from $12-$20. Pricier than some of our staples but cheaper than anything you'd pick up at Sephora. Caviar & Cashmere aren't just fancy buzzwords either. They actually infused caviar, cashmere, and champagne in this products! Quality protein and the stuff that the softest sweaters in the world are made of. Not to mention it’s all topped off with a bit of bubbly! We living rich, ya’ll.

This collection, as described, will “Strengthen, Restructure & Add Sheen to Stressed and Damaged Coils and Kinks” with their key ingredients:

  • Certified Organic Cashmere Extract for Uber Soft, Yet Stronger Tresses

  • Certified Organic Caviar Extract, Rich in Vitamins A and D + Omega 3, 6 and 9

  • Champagne Fruit Extract for Increased Elasticity and Manageability

The best part is that this fancy collection was made specifically with type 4 hair in mind. Us kinky curly girls deserve luxury high end products and in 2018 we are getting them.

I received the entire collection complimentary from Curlfluence to use and review. My hair had been braided up for a month and I figured that was a good way to test the strengthening and hydrating claims of this line.

Hair Bath

The bottle mentions that the product has activated charcoal and I kept thinking to myself, "Is it going to be black? Black shampoo?"

It was black! I was shook! The consistency was gel like rather than creamy and when I rubbed it between my palms it turned to grayish suds. That was a relief because I was worried about it staining my tub. Using it in my hair I could tell right away its a strong, clarifying shampoo. For me, I wasn't able to easily run my fingers or a comb through the sections that had been shampooed but those areas did feel squeaky clean. I don't think the shampoo is meant to be moisturizing or good for detangling so I’m fine with this. I would recommend if you have a lot of product buildup and really need squeaky clean hair.

Hair Masque

The next step is the Hair Masque that serves as a deep conditioner and possibly a rinse out conditioner. I left the masque on for about 20 minutes and detangled each section.. This masque smelled amazing, like a fruity cocktail or a spa product. While detangling each section, I noticed that it gave my hair good slip and it did soften each section after the clarifying of the Hair Bath.

Hair Silk

The Hair Silk is meant to be the leave-in / detangler in the set. Having already detangled, I wasn't able to test how good it was for this. After rinsing out the Masque and squeezing the excess water out of my hair, I applied the leave-in. This also smelled heavenly. On wet hair it made my hair feel nice but I haven't tried it between washes so I don't know how it works as a daily moisturizer.

Hair Gelle

I don't really use gels in my hair. Usually my twist definers are creme based so I wasn't too sure about using the gelle. After drying my hair a bit with a tee-shirt, I used the gelle on the first section I wanted to twist. I did not like how the gel felt going on my hair. It felt very plasticky and like it would be drying. However, on the remaining sections, I used a little bit of the Hair Silk first, then used the Hair Gelle and it felt fine after that. It says that it's a light hold but I thought it held my twistout pretty well. After using this twice, I have to assume light hold just means it won't leave your curls hard and crunchy but it held my style pretty well, even in the humidity. However, it's probably best for twistout braids styles rather than type 4 wash and gos.

Final conclusions

This line was meant to convey luxury and high end for type 4 curls. The packaging is very nice and definitely evokes a classy experience. Overall, nothing blew me away but these are good products. The products worked as described but I didn't really find myself super impressed by anything in particular. While I didn't find any new blood for my starting line up, I would be fine using any of these products as a backup. It's possible that people with a bit more damaged hair might see more drastic results. My hair right now is pretty healthy and I think that’s why I didn’t really get the full effect. However, having done this on hair that I just took out of braids, I felt this was an opportunity for this line to really deliver on it's promises of TLC, shine, and strengthening.

One thing I would like to see for this product is application instructions. It could be because I got a tester sample, but I really like for brands to recommend the best way to use their product. I would also like to see a creme or butter styler incorporated into the line.

You can find this collection at your local Target or online at