Form Beauty Review - A Personal Approach to Natural Hair

Photo Credit: Form Beauty

Photo Credit: Form Beauty

Update 9.23.17: I recently became a FORM beauty ambassador, a few weeks after writing this post. I wasn't aware of an ambassador program at the time of writing and was still able to give an unbiased review. I have since updated the article to include my ambassador link, from which I may receive commissions. 

Lately, I've been in the market to try some new products for a few reasons.

  1. My current staples aren't doing it for me like they used to.

  2. I want to stop mixing and matching products and commit to products from the same line.

  3. I want to minimize the amount of products and steps in my routine.

Lucky for me, I received an email from a friend about Walker & Company's (the makers of Bevel) new natural hair brand called Form Beauty. My curiosity was piqued as I've heard good things about Bevel and knew that they would only put out good products made especially for black women. My friend invited me to the launch party, so I decided to go and check them out.

Doing my own research, I noted their tagline: A new prestige hair care collection designed for hair of all textures. With us, It's Personal. This made me both excited and skeptical. I've been sold the "works for all hair types" dream before only to find out that "all" didn't include my hair. However, I was excited because Form Beauty, as the name implies, used a detailed form that asks about your current regimen, your style preferences, hair thickness, and issues to make recommendations from their product line. I appreciated that attention to unique struggles, but the skepticism crept in again when I saw that they offered one size fits all shampoos & leave-in conditioner, only two types of rinse conditioners and three types of stylers. Could you cover all types with so few options?

After receiving ALL of the FULL SIZE PRODUCTS* in this line in the swag bag (I nearly fainted, especially since these aren't cheap. Jackpot!) I decided that the best way to test out the products was with a wash and go, since I have my technique down to a science, as opposed to my twistouts, which have only a 70% success rate. Form Beauty recommended that I use Clarify, Cleanse, Hydrate, Multitask, Define & Polish. Reading the descriptions and directions, it seemed pretty accurate so I took it for a spin. 

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*I received these products free for attending the event, but they were not given to me with purpose of reviewing or with any sponsored intention. I'm reviewing because I want to and my review is 100% candid and unbiased.

General Thoughts

Overall, I like these products, some more than others. The packaging for this line is beautiful, but somewhat impractical. It's hard to squeeze the product out, especially with wet hands coated with slippery product. I think they would have benefited from making the bottles with a pump instead. The smell is very different from natural hair products. Instead of smelling like berries or like a bakery, it definitely has more of a flowery perfume smell or like a nice lotion. I really love smelling like a birthday cake or an edible arrangement but I'm ok with this more subtle smell too. I definitely feel these are a more high end product and could see them being staples in salons. 


This product definitely should be used sparingly. I would only suggest it if you notice your hair isn't responding to your other products as normal, feels like it's being weighed down or just has a lot of product buildup. It is strong and you can feel the difference in your hair when you use it. It is getting everything out the strands. I do like it but can probably only see myself using it maybe ever 3 months. I was pleased that my hair was able to snap back to being moisturized with the Hydrate conditioner so don't worry about your hair feeling dry after using this. 


I haven't used Clarify yet since it's a pretty strong detoxifying cleanser for infrequent use. The Cleanse is meant for frequent washing so it isn't very strong. I felt that it cleaned my hair well, although I don't tend to have much product or build up in my hair between washes. It left my hair a little hard and hard to run my fingers through after washing but I didn't feel like it stripped my hair. Either way, the Hydrate hooked it back up immediately. 


I loved this conditioner. My hair felt like silky buttahh and it gave good slip to detangle. You can use it as a rinse out or a deep conditioner, depending how long you leave it on. I left mine on for 10 minutes while I finished showering and my hair continues to feel soft after I washed it out. With other deep conditioners, I sometimes feels that the effects wear off as soon as they are rinsed out but Hydrate definitely conditioned my strands from the inside out.


Multitask is the sole leave-in from Form. I really like the creamy consistency and the spray bottle. It doesn't feel like other leave ins that evaporate after a few minutes in your hair. I used it both on soaking wet hair and on lightly spritzed hair and liked how soft it made my hair feel both ways. However, when I tried this product on dry twistout hair, I was lukewarm about the results. I'm anti-leave-in on dry hair in general right now so I might be biased and you might have better results. 


I was nervous about the "soft hold" description but I actually found this product to be very firm maybe a little hard even. I used it and it defined my curls well, but going under the dryer, my curls felt hard. My wash and go curls were very defined so it works but I didn't experience the movement and bounce I'm used to in my wash-and-go. I'll try again with air drying and update.

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I used this product the week before to do a twistout and I loved the results when I took out my twists. My hair was so shiny and smooth which was a new result for my hair. My curls felt juicy and moisturized. This will definitely be one of my keepers. I think they need to be clearer about what styles the product is for. The bottle says protective styles but I think they also meant to include twist/braidouts and other styles where you manipulate your curl pattern.


Polish is the finisher to add shine and keep your style in place, particularly in humid weather. I used this for a twistout in the Florida humidity and it held up! I used it on my fresh twistout in 80% humidity and my definition did not falter one bit. If you've read my previous posts, you know that Aveda's anti-humectant was my previous bae but I think I'll replace it with this. It's a better smell and the same price but a little goes a long way and it doesn't make my hair stringy if I get heavy handed, as far as I can tell so far.

Products I did not try:

  • Revive - not recommended for me. Recommended for hair with chemical, color or heat damage.

  • Protect - heat protection serum. I don't use direct heat on my hair except for my sit down dryer so I don't think I'll be using this.

After tying my 80% dry wash and go up in a bonnet. Very defined

After tying my 80% dry wash and go up in a bonnet. Very defined

Wash-n-go detangled, twisted & pinned. Refreshed with Multitask

Wash-n-go detangled, twisted & pinned. Refreshed with Multitask

Overall conclusions:  

My favorites from this line are definitely Hydrate, Multitask, Twist & Polish. I like Cleanse & Define too and will continue to use them until they finish, but would probably only repurchase so I don't mix brands.  I will definitely buy the Hydrate, Multitask & Twist again.

I am impressed with Form Beauty and they really did seem to take care to inclusively figure out the needs of all the hair types which is important for a natural hair brand. The natural hair market is saturated with options so it's important to start out strong and gain mass appeal right out the gate as a newcomer. I expected nothing less from Walker & Company and hope to see how they grow and expand!

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