How to achieve the perfect twistout

One of my best twistouts to date. 

One of my best twistouts to date. 

Is there anything worse than spending hours washing your hair, twisting it, waiting hours for it to dry only for it to look a hot mess? I've been there way more times than I care to remember but for the first time, I've finally got it down to a science. Learn from my mistakes and let your twistouts flourish with the tips below! 

Make sure your hair is completely detangled 

Unless you enjoy holding your arms up and fighting with knots that you've made worse by twisting them into more knots, you're going to want to make sure your hair is detangled from ends to root. I prefer to detangle with a wide tooth comb and then a detangler brush. 

Use a detangler brush to smooth curls

I prefer the Denman for now, but just make sure the bristles don't have balls at the end. Brushing each section you're about to twist makes each strand smoother and more uniform from root to end, resulting in better definition.

Make sure hair is mostly dry or damp

Soaking wet hair is great for wash and gos as water is essential for bringing out your curl pattern. But, if you're doing a twistout, you probably don't want your natural pattern to compete with your twistout pattern. I've had many failed twistouts and this is usually the reason why.

Twistouts on dry, stretched hair are better  

Although you can achieve a great twistout on freshly washed hair, the best & most predictable twistout results I've had have been done on dry, stretched hair. Stretched hair can be achieved by blowing out hair, using the banding method, or combing out a braidout, flexi rod, or curlformers set. Again, you want to reduce competing curl patterns and stretched hair will make your hair more willing to take on the twistout pattern. 

Twist in same direction

I realized recently that I was playing myself by not paying attention to the direction I was twisting in. Twisting in the same direction helps the curls frame your face, prevents tangling, and helps your style look more uniform. My preference is to twist my hair away from my hairline on both sides of my head. 

Make sure twists aren't too fat

And make sure both strands are even. If you're looking for big, loose beach waves, a fat twist actually isn't so bad. However, these twistouts usually don't last long. The smaller your twists , the more definition you'll have and the longer they will last.

Choose the right styler 

I won't tell you what brand to use (although I'm a big fan of Form Beauty's Twist Creme, for which you can use code 'cubiclesandcurls' for a discount. It's my blog so I'ma shameless plug when I want to!) but I will tell you that there are generally three options: butters, cremes/lotions, and gels.

Butters will usually give you the strongest hold and moisturized twists without being hard, but may be greasy if used heavy handedly. Cremes are a nice option as they usually have a good hold, aren't as greasy, and don't usually cause much product build up. Gels generally give good hold, but some cause your curls to be hard and crunchy or flake. I don't like gels but their are some that are nice, like flaxseed gel. Whichever type you choose, just don't choose Ecostyler because we're practicing self love in 2017.

Flat twists vs individual twists

There are benefits to both. I prefer flat twists because I'm more likely to get a more uniform curl size and my hair will be defined at my roots. I also like that I don't have to separate my twists and risk frizz because they naturally separate themselves during the take down process. On the other hand, individual twists can last longer, are easier to do, and be put into cuter styles until you're ready to take them out and they will usually result in more volume at the roots.

Proper untwisting technique

So, boom! You've done all the prep work above and it's time for the take down. You only got one shot, do not miss your chance to glo! *No pressure*.

There are a few ways to unravel twists but the best way is to lightly coat your finger tips in a light oil (NOT Castor oil!) and either untwist from the ends all the way up or unwind your twist counter clockwise (or whatever direction is opposite of the way you twisted) until it unravels itself. You never just want to pull your twists a part from the top or middle bc your ends will either knot up or get frizzy and the only way to fix it is to start all over again. If you want it to last, I recommend not separating too much on the first day. If you must separate, find the natural point of separation and do so slowly and gently. 

I took my twists out but they weren't dry!

Oh honey. You knew you were wrong. You felt that first undone twist was wet and should have twisted it right back up. But you didn't and now you're sad because you spent 3 hours in the shower last night. I know. There, there. Here's three possible solutions before you have to bun it up:

  • If you haven't unraveled your twists yet, sit under a hair dryer or hair dryer extension for 25-30 minutes. This might not get it all the way dry, but it will be better than what it was before.
  • If you've already unraveled your twists , you have .05678 seconds to grab your blow dryer and concentrator attachment to dry the roots . Hold your section of hair from the middle of the strands and pull taught. Let the concentrator work it's magic. It won't be the defined curls you wanted. It might be more stretched and voluminous. But it also won't be a big poof ball and we can both agree that's better.
  • Assuming you didn't make the rookie mistake of taking your hair out 5 minutes before you had to be somewhere, and maybe your ends are dry but the roots are not, use Bobby pins to secure the wet parts to your hair which will allow them to dry quicker but not shrink and frizz in the process.

Are you a twistout master? Questions about how to twistout like a pro? Comment below and share!