I've Been Detangling the Wrong Way | How to Detangle Natural Hair with a Denman Brush

About a month ago, I started to look into new detangling brushes because I finally gave in to all the criticism regarding the Denman brush pulling out your hair. I used to notice a lot of hair in my brush after detangling and I thought that was normal until I started seeing the results of other brushes.

One day, I was watching a video comparing the Denman to the Tangle teaser and I was stunned by the difference in shed hair. The Denman pulled out so much hair while the tangle teaser barely had any. I went down to the comment section to see if anyone else was as stunned as I was and the whole comment section declared that we are tossing our Denman brushes!

Then, I saw the comment that changed my whole life. An internet angel politely informed us that we were pulling our hair out (pun intended) for no reason. There was actually a certain way you’re supposed to use the Denman for detangling. She politely directed us comment section sheep to a video by TheGlamTwinz (the witchcraft happens at 3:56) where I could find the truth and salvation I’ve been seeking.

I’ve been using my Denman for seven years. SEVEN YEARS since I’ve started wearing my hair curly and this is the first time ANYONE told me that I’ve been using my brush wrong. I almost want to write a letter to Denman to tell them that they need to add instructions to their box because this was NOT obvious to me at all. Where did this Glam Twin even learn this magic?!

Anyways, I’ve shot this video to show you all how I detangle my hair now. My shed hair has been very minimal since I’ve started detangling this way. It's sickening, really. Since I originally shot this video last month, I have actually been able to drop my wide tooth comb pre-detangle all together because my Denman can do all things through Christ, who strengthens her.

I forgot to show the shed hair in this video but expect a video soon where I compare the difference in methods.

Did you know this is how you’re supposed to use the Denman brush? How do you detangle your hair? What brush do you use?