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It's Really Relle - December Curlfriend feature

Natural Hair blogger @itsreallyrelle featured me as her December curlfiend. In this feature, I talk about how my natural hair journey started, my favorite products and styles, and my advice to new naturals. 

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Joblogues - Episode 35: Keeping it Real

On this episode, I go from listener to co-host as I join one of my #groupchatgirlfriends Joymarie in the studio for a fun discussion on embracing your authentic self at work. Plus, listener questions, rants raves reviews and more!

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Sydney in the city - natural hair, meet work

In this feature, I share my natural hair journey, the experiences that compelled me to start Cubicles & Curls, and offered some words of encouragement to those struggling with comfortably reconciling their natural hair and professional image.

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She dares co. - Black faces, white spaces

Black Faces, White Spaces focuses on what it’s like for millennial women navigating their careers in Corporate America. There are certain experiences that seem to exclusively affect people of color differently- from hair politics and code switching to handling grief and office discussions regarding police brutality. 

In 'Don't Touch My Hair', I led a great discussion of professional women who shared their hair stories. There were no limits, we discussed going natural, hair care, co-workers and our answer to the popular question, can people touch your hair. 

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